• The Big & Small C's of Content Writing

    Make thy quill a sword and thy mind a worthy master.  — Madhatter J.

  • The Big C's

    of Content Writing


    You are a Craftsperson

    You design with words.

    You write with a purpose. Writing is a skill and you know real craft doesn't come cheap.


    Who Communicates

    You engage an audience.

    You work with a team.

    Your messages carry a voice, tone and purpose — you help brands speak.


    With Cognitive Misers

    You understand attention scarcity; and the power of crowd mentality. Yet you know money may buy followers; but never authenticity.  

  • The Small C's

    of Content Writing


    Think Clearly. Write Simply.


    Writing short isn't everything. Frame your messages to deliver killer copy.


    Say the most important thing first — get your foot in the door.

    CTA (Call to Action)

    Direct your readers what to do.


    Organise your content. Rank them. Repackage them.


    Develop a voice and tone.


    Be consumer-relevant.

    Be platform-relevant.


    Good writing has rhythm. Like a waltz, it has movement. We feel it when read it — and we seek it when we've tasted it.


    Break the rules like an artist — but make your craftsmanship valuable by knowing WHY you're doing it.

  • Content Writing is a C-rious Business

    Be credible and have a conscience. Be conversational and talk to consumers. Content writing is a big C, that can never truly escape the little C's.


    I wrote this page as a reminder to self, but a little voice reminded me sharing is caring. For more creative #BrainFarts, find me on Medium ;)

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